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Your online shop for high-quality natural cosmetics.

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We are the first and only store for high-quality natural cosmetics cosmetics in Komárno. In our online shop you can order the appropriate products easily and conveniently from home. On our website and our blog you can inform yourself about our brands and products.

Our conviction is our mission
We are deeply convinced of the advantages of a holistic natural cosmetic care based on natural and harmless ingredients, which honours people, animals and the environment. The brands in our online shop are sustainable and fair working companies. This ranges from recyclable packaging, to support for environmental, climate and charity organisations, to dignified remuneration and animal welfare.

We are transparent about where we source our products. If a company does not provide transparent information about where it manufactures its products, it is a red flag. Our source is the ISO 9001-certified chemical supplier Juklislab, which produces high quality under supervision in the Netherlands.